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Nourishment begins with LOVE.

Opening our hearts, learning to treat ourselves with kindness, and discovering we can trust ourselves is the path to transform a life of obsession, judgement & pain into a life of freedom, mindfulness and the health you've always dreamed of!

My heart's passion is educating women to understand and overcome emotional eating through learning how to be present and reconnect to their own bodies. 

When we accept there is nothing broken in us, we are not mistakes, we find the truth: all that we feel, all of our cravings, are messengers for us. When we listen, we will hear the guidance of our own intuitive brilliance and find nourishment - body, mind and soul.

Recipes & Healthy Living Tips 


One of my favorite things is cooking whole & healthy meals from fresh and nutritious ingredients.  I truly believe that the process of preparing the food that we nourish our bodies with is a wonderful way to heal from dieting obsessions and negative relationships with food.  Discover more with me...