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As a Whole Body Empowerment & Confidence Coach, I specialize in helping women overcome food, exercise and body shame through radical self-love and unconditional self-acceptance.  My coaching addresses the whole life - the whole appetite - as we are dynamic beings. 

All my life I have attempted to shrink my body.  Born into a body that is predisposed to carry weight, I knew I was too big by the time I was in kindergarten. Regular clothing didn't fit and it wasn't too long before I was limited on food portions and encouraged to start a reasonable diet. I believed that I was wrong and that my body was to blame. I saw that I was a disappointment for my family. I felt unwanted and unacceptable.  Diet culture invaded my experience of the world from all around me.  Beauty was intrinsically linked to the size of my body and I heard “but, you have such a pretty face” enough to learn how to hate it. I was encouraged to lose weight to be attractive and desirable for marriage. I was told that I couldn't be healthy if I wasn't thin. I dieted and binged, I cried and hid, I starved myself to be a size 6 and was the most miserable I'd ever felt. I didn't want to live, I was afraid to eat, and everything hurt. 


The most devastating thing about all of my efforts was is that I NEVER found the happiness and body-confidence I longed for in all of that! ​

In my quest for health and happiness, I decided to become a health coach! I wanted to make being healthy my job, because maybe then I would be able to kick my yo-yo dieting habit to the curb. Maybe then I would feel secure and confident in my body.  


Over the past 3 years, I’ve definitely transformed, but it wasn’t in the way I had forever thought was my destiny - or, more correctly, what “should” have occurred.  Instead, I discovered truth and perspective that has liberated me from the food, exercise and body shame that is the cause of so much suffering and UN-health in our culture.


I now work passionately as an advocate for people of size to live a fulfilled life, unapologetic and fearless!

It is our right as humans to pursue our own well-being and health, unconditionally. Learning to trust our bodies and experience the world around us feeling supported and validated is the way!